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Beautiful Asian Restaurant Interior Design with Luxury

Have you ever seen a place with beautiful Asian restaurant interior design? Or maybe you dream to have that one kind of restaurant? Well, this is an examination of some restaurants that apply the Asian’s styles as the main decorations. As we all know, Asian’s styles have some uniqueness in their own styles which differentiate them with the others. Let’s have a walk around them.
Amazing Asian Restaurant Interior Design Used Traditional Ceiling Lighting Decoration Ideas and Contemporary Furniture

This is completely a picture of a Chinese restaurant. How do we know? Take a look at the decorations on the wall. The designers hang some big pictures of the Chinese Emperor. The pictures are hanging from corner to corner with their own built-in lighting for each of them. Yellow lighting dominates the Asian restaurant interior design ideas and it gives more romantic and comfortable looks here. The ceiling is very great, with gapped styles with built-in lamps that bursting pretty lights. The floor is covered up with red carpet, with some square wooden table and wooden seats stand on it.

For a simple Asian style, you can take this one to decorate your house or your own restaurant. Combine the red ceiling and white wall with brown floor that made from tiles, just like in the picture. To save more space, you can have floating seats with letter U shape around the limited area. This could accommodate more people in more limited area. Do not forget to put a spacious table with small table leg to support the furnishing. Choose a seat that made from wood to guarantee the strength, and put the pattern pads to support your comfort. Hang a beautiful lamp with patterned cover and install a spacious window too.

More contemporary looks are given through the furnishing in this Asian restaurant. Black are the only one tone that dominating the appearance. On the wall, a long floating table made from concrete provides some bar stools to spoil the visitors. Behind them, some spacious dining table with white surface and its black seats stand on the patterned black flooring. Take a look how the beautiful modern lighting with glass cover decorates the area. Gapped wall and ceiling here exude luxury no matter what. Visit the link given to get the modern Asian restaurant interior design in pictures for references.


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